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Related Resources
Keep the Wild in Wildlife and Wilderness
  Utah's landscape is unique and is thus being
  loved to death. Do your part to help keep it
  beautiful for those who come after you.
Recycling Resources
There's a lot you can do to help the various groups who are fighting to preserve some of our prescious resources. Even the smallest act of aid will help.
  • Abbey's Web
    Carrying on Edward Abbey's Legacy.

    The mission of the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation is "Working to maintain and improve the environmental health of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons through public education and stewardship."

  • Entrada Institute
    By focusing on the arts, humanities, and natural sciences, Entrada seeks to increase our understanding of the natural world and mankind's place in it.

  • Friends of the Great Salt Lake
    Their mission is to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the lake.

  • Hawk Watch International
    See their site for various places in Utah where they operate.

  • Leave No Trace
    It doesn't really take a lot of effort to "Leave No Trace" when you are in the outdoors, mostly common sense practices apply. If we all followed these principles, the environment would be cleaner, and wilderness would not disappear, and being out there would be a more pleasant experience.

  • National Wildlife Federation
    Efforts to preserve nature and educate the public.

  • Natural Resources Defense Council
    Efforts to preserve all of nature.

  • Save our Canyons
    Striving to keep Utah's canyons wild.

  • Sierra Club
    Efforts to preserve all of nature.

  • Slow the Flow
    A campaign to help conserve water in our desert atmosphere throughout the year so there is ample water for the summer months.

  • Southern Utah Wilderness Org
    Striving to preserve the wildness of Southern Utah.

  • The Salt Lake Audubon Society
    Striving to preserve the welfare of our birds.

  • The Nature Conservancy
    Efforts to preserve all of nature.

  • The Wilderness Society
    Efforts to preserve all of nature.

  • Utah Ducks Unlimited
    Preservation of waterfowl and their habitat.

  • Utah Open Lands
    Utah Open Lands is not a typical environmental organization because it does not play a role of advocacy, but rather, plays a role of implementation. Depending entirely on private donations, UOL strives for large scale preservation of Utah's treasured landscapes.

  • Utah Rivers Council
    Striving to preserve the Rivers of Utah.

  • Utah Division of Water Resources
    A resource for information involving water usage and conservation in Utah.

  • Western Wildlife Conservancy
    Formerly known as the "Predator Education Fund" and encompassing the "Utah Cougar Coalition", this group, whose motto is "Preserving and protecting native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy", is a small yet active group in Utah.

  • World Wildlife Fund
    Efforts to preserve all of nature.

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