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Ogden Valley Balloon Festival


The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival is an annual event, with several activities (balloons are just the beginning!) located in several areas in the Ogden Valley. The event is free (excepting those things noted below).

2006 Particulars:

Friday August 18 through Sunday, August 20 were the days to experience the festival fun this year.

The Balloons:

The Balloons launch around 7 a.m. near the Wolf Creek Resort.

For about an hour, you can watch several balloons come out of their packaging, get unrolled, straightened out, filled with gas and launched. It is a lot of fun to watch this process.

There were about 30 balloons in 2006, all laid out beside one another on the ground. As they each started to fill and rise into the air, if there were two next to each other, they would bump each other, jockeying for position, before gently lifting into the air.

It took about an hour for all the balloons to get airborne. By the time the last ones were up, the first ones were already heading back down.

Individuals have the option to purchase rides in the balloons (2006 prices were $125 per ride). What a unique way to see the valley, and what a stunning view--the mountains, Pineview Reservoir, long and winding roads through the countryside...

These rides sell out fast, so if you want to participate, be sure to reserve your seat early. If you miss out on the days of the festival, you can always contact the pilots directly for private rides. (Some popular riding events include weddings and birthday surprises.)

There is also an evening ride for those who are not interested in getting up at the crack of dawn for the experience.


At the launch field, breakfast as well as hot drinks and pastries are available (for sale) for those staying on the found during the flights. There is also lunch and snack food served throughout the day at the other venues.


Several local entertainers perform at various venues across the valley.

Shopping and Other Fun:

Besides the main attraction, the balloons, lots of other activities and things to see await the festival goer. Kids can play on inflatable games/rides. There are artist booths will all sorts of fun trinkets to buy for yourself or a loved one. Watch some of the artists at work (either at their booths or at the plein air competition) and see how talent and technique come together into something wonderful. And to top it off, an antique car show will give you the opportunity to see some beautiful pieces of moving art.

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