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Bonneville SeaBase
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Scuba Diving in Utah
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Bonneville SeaBase
Neptune Divers
Bonneville SeaBase is a large hot spring out in the middle of nowhere in Salt Lake's west desert. This facility is owned and operated by the people who run Neptune Divers, and so this is the place where you'll do your open-water certification if you certify with Neptune. (These great people helped me get Scuba certified!)

To use the facility and rent the gear for a day, it will cost you $37 (2010 prices).

The best time to go is early. You can watch the fish feeding (if you don't intend to go in the water, it is $5, otherwise watching is part of the daily fee), and the water is the clearest (after dozens of visitors, the sediment tends to get kicked up and cloud the water.)

My Experience:

seabase I went to Bonneville Seabase to try out a new underwater camera. Although I had certified here several years ago, it had been a long time since I had been back. What a nice surprise! An unexpected oasis sitting in the middle of Salt Lake's west desert.

Seabase staff were friendly and helpful (the gentleman who was getting our rental gear for us looked me over and said "You don't have much body fat so you won't need much on your weight-belt". What a nice thing to say!!!). And one of the owners, Linda, was there offering advice on underwater shooting.

seabase There are a couple of ponds, with a tunnel you can swim through. This is not an adventure for the claustrophobic! Although the tunnel was short, going into a black hole underwater was an eerie thing to do. At least there was a light at the end, and focusing on that made it less scary.

seabase The buildings were pretty well done to allow for comfort during winter months.

We arrived late in the day (a mistake, because there were a lot of people there that day, and by this time there was a lot of stirred up sediment.) So, the camera check was not very successful, since visibility was not very good.

creature But we did get to feed the fish some lettuce. Being a wildlife lover, this was very fun for me, having critters come up to me to investigate and eat out of my hand. I will go back soon to try the camera again!

Here is a picture of one of the creatures we encountered. Oh, no, wait, that's me. :-)

Backroads of Utah
by Theresa A. Husarik

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