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Top 10 Things to Do Inside in Utah's Summers
It is so hot outside all you want to do is sit in the air conditioning with a cold drink. But there are some places around town that you can actually have fun without risking heat stroke.
  1. Go Shopping.
    There's air conditioning, there's all kinds of fun stuff to look at, there's a good excuse to be there, what more could a hot person want?
  2. Treat Someone to Dinner and a Movie.
    The Jordan Commons and the Gateway Plaza movie theaters have a giant food court and you are allowed, even encouraged to bring your dinner into the movie. Get out of the kitchen and go eat while watching the latest flick in the comfort of heavenly air conditioning.
  3. Head to a Body of Water
    There are a few reservoirs around -- Deer Creek, Jordanelle, Pine View, Echo, and maybe a few more. Then of course, you could head south and spend a few days on Lake Powell. Or, how about going SCUBA Diving?
  4. Go Bowling.
  5. Play Laser Tag.
    ..or arcade games. Besides Boondocks, there are a few other places around the valley where you can play laser tag. Get a group of friends together and go get out your aggressions toward the nasty heat. Bam bam, take that you 105 degree heat.
  6. Check out the Clark Planetarium.
    If you have never been to this very cool, fun and educational place, now you have just the right excuse to go. Take the kids. Or not.
  7. Start or Work on Your Family's Genealogy.
    The Family History Library is the world's premier genealogy research facility. Read about how your great great great uncle George was part of an old west gunfight, or how your distant cousin's girlfriend was a showgirl at an old west saloon. Great reading.
  8. Lose Yourself in a Book Store.
    Go into the off-the-wall sections and look into some of the books you might never have been interested in. Go into Barnes and Noble or Borders and have some coffee (in air conditioned comfort) while perusing the latest copy of your favorite author's work.
  9. Lose Yourself in the Library.
    Same idea as the bookstore, but the books are free. Visit a section you don't normally pick, and take a book off the shelf and read. How about a children's picture book, or maybe a travel book on some place exotic? Great fun.
  10. Spend an Afternoon at the Pet Store.
    PetSmart is the big one, but there are tons of other smaller, local stores where you can browse through the fun doggie and kittie toys, or visit the critters that are for sale. Some of the stores have some pretty exotic animals, and the experience is just as fun as being at the zoo without having to walk around in the heat.

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