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How To Survive Utah's 100+ Temperatures
It gets hot here in the summer. So hot that you just want to stay inside in the air conditioning. Here are some ideas to help keep your cool.

Here's How:

  1. Stay inside if you can.
  2. Look for indoor activities to keep everyone occupied, such as watching a video or playing a card or board game.
  3. Take some time for yourself and snuggle into your favorite chair, air conditioning on, and start that book you've been wanting to read.
  4. Go to other places that are indoors such as the mall, Boondock's, Hansen Planetarium, or Laser Tag.
  5. Keep your windows closed to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.
  6. Keep the drapes or blinds drawn, and use or install awnings to help keep the sun from heating up the house.
  7. Keep the air conditioning on during the day, but at a higher temperature. Turning the A/C on and off will put undo strain on it, and having it off during the day will be a very unkind thing to do to your indoor pets.
  8. Remember your pets. If you can, bring them indoors. If they must stay outside, be sure to keep the water bowls full and try to provide shade for them to escape the hot sun.
  9. Keep your car's windows rolled down. With the windows up, the inside of the car can turn oven-like very quickly.
  10. Don't keep anything meltable or perishable in the car--even for a short while. Chocolate or video tapes will melt and milk will sour. And don't even consider leaving a pet or child in that car/oven.
  11. Keep strenuous activity to a minimum. Heat stroke can kill even a strong, healthy individual.
  12. Keep hydrated. Drink often. If you feel thirsty you have waited too long.
  13. Watch out for your elderly neighbors. The very young and very old have a much tougher time in extreme temperatures.
  14. Wear shoes. Pavement heats up pretty quick and can cause burns to the soles of your feet.
  15. Wear light colors. Black and dark colors absorb light and heat. You will be much cooler in lighter colors which reflect light and heat.


  1. Keep hydrated.
  2. Stay inside when you can. If you must go out, keep activity to a minimum.
  3. Remember pets, very young and very old neighbors/family members/friends.

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